From ancient times to the present day, the symbol of a tree appears in all known cultures, traditions and beliefs. It has had many meanings – a tree symbolised the whole universe or its central point. It was the link between earth and the world of man, and heaven, the kingdom of the gods. Apples from the Tree of Life in paradise were supposed to ensure immortality. Trees of various species have grown on Earth from times immemorial and have always been a vital part of our lives. Wood is an extremely valuable and beautiful building material that, apart from providing shelter, also provided our ancestors with warmth and light. A healthy and deeply rooted tree with a spreading crown is still associated with strength, stability, safety and durability. Its steady growth, changes throughout the seasons and rebirth with every spring are an analogy for development, longevity and the pursuit of perfection. Nowadays, aware of the changes taking place in the environment and constantly looking for ways to limit them, we have given the tree another meaning - it has become a symbol of ecology for us.

The name Albero Invest, which comes from the Italian language, and the company logo depicting a tree in a building are not accidental.


Our mission is to create residential spaces first and foremost with the residents in mind, and we want to ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment in the houses we build. We use a variety of amenities inside the buildings and consciously choose the location taking into account the needs of future residents. Each residential complex also has an access to green areas full of lush vegetation. The common feature of trees and our projects is longevity - we build to provide excellent living conditions for many generations.


The roots of our tree go deep to provide a stable foundation. The knowledge and experience of our entire team, as well as trusted and reliable subcontractors, guarantee the perfect execution of the project with attention to the smallest details. We use materials of the highest quality and proven, reliable technologies. All our projects are carried out in compliance with restrictive safety standards, and we provide future residents with specific solutions in the field of security, monitoring and other safeguards. Behind our projects is a vision to create new unique places on the map of Warsaw, which are havens of tranquillity, beauty and safety in the heart of the Polish capital.


The Albero Invest team is constantly expanding its knowledge and gaining experience. We follow closely the trends in the architecture and construction industry, we use the latest technologies and constantly improve our processes. We place emphasis on innovation of products, technology and usability. Our projects look far into the future, and one of their functions is to provide ideal conditions for both the personal and professional development of residents and businesses located in the spaces we create. We continue to search for new locations and invest in new projects, constantly expanding the offer of Albero Invest and developing new areas of activity. The crown of our tree grows high up, towards the stars.


A tree is synonymous with luxury and good taste - we dedicate the houses and flats built by Albero Invest to people who are looking for exclusive properties located in the elite districts of Warsaw and its suburbs. The buildings and interiors – designed by the most esteemed architects and executed by the best professionals – are original compositions of classical and modern solutions, inspired by the latest trends. Our projects not only meet the needs of the most demanding clients but also represent the lifestyle of the residents - ambitious, comfortable, expecting solutions and services of the highest quality, for whom the prestige of the place of residence is a complement to an outstanding professional career and an interesting social life. The care for the harmony between nature and modern technology illustrates a structure shaped by our two simple objectives: to achieve the most perfect residential experience and to create buildings aspiring to be modern classics.


We build ecologically and according to the principles of sustainable development. Our projects are based on the use of environmentally friendly materials and technologies. We put emphasis on maintaining a sufficiently large biologically active area for each of our projects. We think globally, taking care to improve the quality of the environment, and at the same time we think about each resident - we use photovoltaic cells, energy-efficient lighting, anti-smog filters, recycle rainwater, and use the materials ensuring high thermal insulation. The aesthetics of our designs take directly from nature and openly refers to it - the colours of the buildings are based on soft earth colours. We often use natural stone, both in elevations and interiors. We entrust the arrangement of green areas and private gardens to the best garden designers.


Albero Invest, with its registered office in Warsaw, is a thriving developer company with several years of experience on the market and a track record of implementing exceptional projects. We owe our strong position to our extensive experience in the construction and investment industry, the knowledge of our specialists, and the ability to select the best and most trustworthy partners. We own an extensive pool of land in Warsaw and its surroundings. We stand out by our commitment, exceptional attention to quality and care for reliable execution of each stage of the project. We entrust the preparation of designs to the most talented architects. Our engineers and technical staff personally supervise the implementation. Our offer is addressed mainly to successful people who appreciate attention to every detail. People who hold important and responsible positions or are engaged in running their own businesses will appreciate the luxury and prestige of our projects and, after a day full of challenges, they will be happy to immerse themselves in tranquility, peace and feeling of safety provided by the cosy buildings and tailored flats and apartments we build.


is to create luxurious spaces that will enable future residents to realise their dreams of comfortable living in beautiful interiors and allow them to freely enjoy the advantages of prestigious locations, as well as modern and practical solutions. And all of this while maintaining the principles of sustainable development and caring for the environment.


Our first successfully completed project was the Maple Corner (Klonowy Zakątek) real estate development project, a complex of five four-storey buildings located in the Ursus district of Warsaw. Currently, we are working on the following projects: two small estates - Twórcza Home in Białołęka and Wawer Park in Wawer, a complex of four Rumiana House urban villas and the modern Rumiana House II apartment complex in Niski Wilanów, the Blu Residence apartment complex in Dolny Mokotów, a luxury estate with eleven Lipova Living residences in Konstancin-Jeziorna, and the Modern House single-family house estate in Ursynów. Our plans for the future include over a dozen other real estate development projects that we will implement in Warsaw.


is a member of the Polish Association of Developers. Thanks to professional project implementations, appreciated by investors and residents, we maintain a leading position in the housing market in the premium segment. Our offer is addressed to demanding clients looking for solutions of the highest standard. We guarantee an individual approach that is tailored to client needs and requirements, comprehensive support, both during the purchase process and after its completion, luxurious properties built with the use of top quality materials and the latest technologies, and the possibility of personalising a selected apartment or premises according to client guidelines. We cooperate with interior design studios, proven professionals in finishing works, and even loan advisers, so that we can provide you with comprehensive service through and through. We select the prestigious locations of our buildings first of all with consideration to the needs of their future residents - our priorities include convenient access to key locations in Warsaw, beautiful and peaceful surroundings guaranteeing a respite from the hustle and bustle of the capital city, and the safety of residents and their guests. We have an excellent understanding of Smart Home technologies, which we offer to all owners of flats in our buildings - our smart system for managing your property from anywhere in the world provides comfort and functionality of use.